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AVG & Privacy

In the context of the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG), which protects your privacy, Studio het Weerhuis – www.hetweerhuis.nl must inform you about how the personal data you provide are handled:

In short: Studio het Weerhuis only stores the information that you have provided to us as a guest. This data will be deleted after 7 years.

By registering on the website www.hetweerhuis.nl and / or booking you agree to the management of the personal data you provide.

Do you need more information? Below is a detailed explanation of the purpose of privacy legislation and its implementation by Studio het Weerhuis.


Detailed explanation: General Data Protection Regulation (AVG)

New EU-privacy legislation
From 25 May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation applies. Also called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As of that day only 1 privacy legislation applies throughout the EU.

The purpose of privacy legislation
The purpose of the new legislation is to better protect EU citizens in the current digital age in the field of privacy regulations and personal data. The citizen is given the right to view, change or delete his or her personal data.

What is personal data?
Personal data is information that can be traced back to a person. An example of a personal data is a name or a home address, but e-mail addresses, IP addresses and payment and billing information may also be personal data.

What does this privacy legislation mean for your booking and stay at Studio het Weerhuis?

Studio het Weerhuis and website www.hetweerhuis.nl is obliged by this legislation to inform you which personal data is necessary and why, how long your personal data is stored and protected. With the information below, Studio het Weerhuis and www.hetweerhuis.nl comply to this obligation.

Which personal data does Studio het Weerhuis process, and why?
– The address and email details of a guest are required to make an invoice. These personal details are necessary for the implementation of an overnight agreement with the guest;
– The personal details of a guest are required for the night register. This information is necessary for the fulfillment of a legal obligation regarding the payment of tourist tax. The following personal data are necessary for keeping the night register: address details and date of birth and place.

Personal data, that you provide yourself, that is collected through the website www.hetweerhuis.nl (by filling in the booking form), or by email or by telephone, het Weerhuis uses only for the preparation of your invoice and the keeping of a night register . For all processing of personal data, only the data that you have actively left behind is used. You can change the personal details provided by you or about you at any time.

Note: Het Weerhuis does NOT make copies of identity documents and does NOT take receipts for safekeeping.

How long does Het Weerhuis store your personal data?
Legislation states that the personal data will not be kept longer than necessary. Necessarily refers to a statutory set storage obligation. Because of possible checks by the tax authorities on the revenues of het Weerhuis, het Weerhuis is legally obliged to keep billing data and tourist tax data related data for 7 years. The municipality can also ask for data from the night register for the registration of the tourist tax during these 7 years.

And how is your personal data secured?
The personal data you provide:
– by booking form on the website;
– by e-mail;
– by telephone;
– or by filling in the night register,
is kept within a secure environment that is protected by a password. This password is regularly changed and is only known to authorized persons. The information provided by completing the booking form is stored securely in a protected database of the web host.

Note: In addition, your data will NOT be distributed to third parties.

Information obligation 
This means that het Weerhuis meets the requirements, set by the Personal Data Protection Act. View or download the Personal Data Protection Act on Overheid.nl.

By registering on the website www.hetweerhuis.nl and / or booking you agree with the following.


What does this privacy legislation mean for your visit to the website or social media pages of Het Weerhuis?

For all processing of personal data, only the data that you have actively leave behind, is used. The data is not distributed among third parties.
You can change the personal details provided by you or about yourself at any time.

Visiting data
General visitor data is kept on the website. Among other things, the IP address of the computer, the clicked information and the time of login are recorded. Het Weerhuis uses this information only to view the statistics on the website and to continue to adapt the website to the wishes of the website visitor. This information is not provided to third parties and is not accessible to third parties.

Website forms
If you leave a comment through the booking form, you can request an export file of the personal data that the web host of www.hetweerhuis.nl has, including all data you have entered. You can also request that the only personal data that you have included in the booking form is removed. As long as your booking does not become final, the booking form you have entered does not contain any data that Studio het Weerhuis is required to keep for administrative, legal or security purposes.

Google Analytics
Www.hetweerhuis.nl uses Google Analytics to keep track of how users use the website and how the website is found (which keywords are used in different search engines for example). Www.hetweerhuis.nl also uses, Google Analytics to adapt the site to the needs of the site visitor. The information obtained is transferred to and by Google, including the IP address. Read Google’s privacy policy for more information and the specific privacy policy of Google Analytics. Google uses this information to keep track of how the website is used and to provide reports on the website. Google may provide this information to third parties if Google is legally obliged to do so or in sofar as these third parties process the information on behalf of Google. Www.hetweerhuis.nl has no influence on this. Www.hetweerhuis.nl did not allow Google to use the obtained analytics information for other Google services.

Facebook, Instagram
On Facebook and Instagram, buttons are included to promote or share pages on social networks. These buttons are realized by a code that is supplied by Facebook or Instagram itself. This code places, among other things, a cookie. Read the privacy statement from Facebook and Instagram to see what they do with the personal data they process with this code.

For complaints, comments or when reporting content that violates legal provisions or violates the rights of third parties, you can mail to: info@hetweerhuis.nl

More information
For Personal Data collected through this site, Studio het Weerhuis only uses this info for the purpose for which you have left them. This means that Studio het Weerhuis meets the requirements set by the Personal Data Protection Act. For more information: View or download the Personal Data Protection Act on Overheid.nl.

By registering on the website www.hetweerhuis.nl and / or booking, you agree to the management of the personal data you provide.