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Routes for walking

fiets_wandelWalking is a great way to explore Barendrecht, the adjacent nature reserve the Carnisse and Rhoonse Grienden and Rotterdam. “Het Weerhuis” is located near to the Gaatkensplas in Barendrecht, where you will find a wide variety of hiking trails and walking routes. The Long-Distance Hiking-6, short for LAW 6 Large Riverpath (Grote Rivierenpad) is a multi-day hiking route which passes studio B&B “het Weerhuis”  at 200 meters.


Like the Biesbos, the Grienden are the one of the last osier bed with tidal activity in the Netherlands. On several locations in the area you can find truncated willows, which is a sign of an active pilot osier bed culture. Through this osier bed culture there is a rich  variety of flora and fauna in this area.

Landscapepark Buytenland

In the future the nature of the osier beds are occasionally extended with the construction and formation of the landscape Buytenland. This extension covers an area of 750 ha. of new nature and recreation. The park will be situated between the municipality area of Albrandswaard and the newly constructed location Barendrecht-Carnisselande. This area development is a result of the construction of the SecondMaasvlakte. To put it quite bluntly: a piece of nature what is removed on one spot is rendered in other places.

The “old” and “new” Barendrecht

Besides flora and fauna, Barendrecht has more to offer. Through the many trails you can wonder around through the old town. Situated in the “old” Barendrecht, you will find the acient town centre and the monumental buildings. In the “new” Barendrecht, the newly constructed location Carnisselande, you will find an explosion in variaty of beautiful houses, many which are designed by architects.


If you walk the shortest route, Rotterdam city centre is a 11 km walk. There are not enough words to describe Rotterdam. To keep it short: it is fantastic and it offers something for everyone.

More information

If you need more information, take a look at the links with ready-steady walkingroutes or plan your own track with help and guidance of the following websites:

routes for walking in the surrounding area