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Routes by bike

fietsroutes bewegwijzering nabij lang verblijf studioCycling in the area you can do 2 ways:

  • follow your own nose


  • through the bicycle network node

For the bikers among us there is a large network of cycle routes which are inter-connected. These routes are on seperate bicycle paths.
Appartment studio “het Weerhuis” is closely located near junction 27 of the regional bicycle network.


  • through the national bicycle network

LF 12a/b of the national cycle network is on the doorstep of the appartment studio “het Weerhuis”.

variety of the environment

Cycling in the Barendrecht region brings you diversity and variety.bewegwijzering fietsroutes Barendrecht is in fact surrounded by both the city of Rotterdam with its impressive international port and related (petrochemical) industries in the Europoort. In the region is an excellent bike path network. Both the city and the industry can be reached by bike.


On the other side of the river “de Maas” and Barendrecht is the Hoekse Waard. A wetland rural area which is characterized by creeks, dikes, polders and rivers with tidal flow and therefore has a large number of birds species.

dort Take the fast ferry from the neighbor town Ridderkerk. You will find out that the historic centre of Dordrecht lies just across the river.

The Kinderdijk mills are also around the corner. Kinderdijk is located in Alblasserwaard, a meadow area below sea level. Distance bicycle routes Barendrecht – Kinderdijk is 12 km.

A varietion of cities, villages and landscapes; Canals, waterways, lakes, pits and locks; modern architecture and historical monuments. You can choose a different taste and experience for every part of the day or night. kinderdijk

more information

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