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Regulations and conditions

House rules of Studio het Weerhuis:

To make your stay as pleasant as possible, please Ensure you are aware of the internal regulations of Het Weerhuis. Do you have any questions or comments about the internal rules? Please let us know.studio regio Rotterdam reglement en voorwaarden

Arrival and departure:

The time of arrival is after 13:30. The exact time is in agreement. This is to ensure that you never arrive for a close door.
Departure is before 09:30.


Do you want breakfast? Let us know with your reservation. Breakfast can be served from 07:30 until 09:00.
a. Het Weerhuis is careful with your food allergy / intolerance if you tell us in advance.
Unfortunately, cross contamination in our kitchen is never be ruled out 100%.
b. Het Weerhuis does not produce food. For breakfast we only serve products that are packed. The label states the allergens. This label we keep
until the product is consumed. Note that the suppliers of the products served by us draw your attention to the following:
The mentioned ingredients and allergens are taken from the information provided by producers. Suppliers require producers to provide them with the most current information. This information is then taken onto the etiquettes with the utmost care. Yet it is possible that the information on the site can be different on the packaging of the product is. Therefore, they recommend that you always consult the label before using the product.
c. Also, het Weerhuis is not able to guarantee that you have no allergic reaction to cosmetics products, such as soaps or detergents we use.
d. If you suspect you may be intolerant, we advise you not to use these products.
e. On your request het Weerhuis can offer you homemade gluten free bread. Thereby Het Weerhuis will handle your gluten allergy,
intolerance with the best of our care if you tell us in advance. Note that this gluten-free bread will contain the following allergens:
egg, milk, sesame seeds and nuts. Cross-contamination while consuming breakfast is at your own risk.studio-Het Weerhuis-lay-out


There are no pets allowed in Het Weerhuis.


The entire porch/outhouse and studio is a non-smoking area.


Your reservation is only valid if 50% of the amount due is paid in advance on:

account number: 6135566

IBAN: NL59INGB0006135566


Attn. D.C. Broeders  (het Weerhuis). The remaining amount is paid in cash upon arrival or the remaining amount is booked and transferred on the bank account of Het Weerhuis on the morning of your arrival.

Note: key deposit is € 20,-.


As soon as you have made a downpayment your reservation is confirmed. If you subsequently wish to cancel your booking the following conditions apply: – Cancellation of a confirmed booking, 50% of the agreed price will be retained; – Cancellation from the day before commencement date 100% of the agreed price will be charged.


If you want to invite guests during your stay at Het Weerhuis, you must check this with the owner. The tenant should never let or allow someone to sleep in Het Weerhuis without knowledge and consent of the owner.

Maximum occupancy is 2 guests:

The studio can accommodate up to 2 people. Only after consultation and by high exception 2 persons are allowed!
The standard is that no more than 2 adults can stay overnight at the studio.
There are 2 sleeping places in the double bed.
The studio is not suitable for children or disabled people.

Shut windows, close doors, turn lights off:

Close windows and doors and turn off lights upon departure.

Pollution and sound:

You should not to cause nuisance or noise.


By confirming your booking you accept our bylaws, house rules and terms and conditions.
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CONDITIONS AND TERMS OF STUDIO “Het Weerhuis” LOCATED AT Barendrecht-Carnisselande.

We wish you a warm welcome at “Het Weerhuis” and we ask you to take notice of these Terms and Conditions.
1. General information

* Mrs. D.C. Broeders is the owner and manager of studio “het Weerhuis”. The owner may be replaced by a relative or other person designated by her.

* These General Conditions apply to all users of “het Weerhuis”, located on Weerkant 33 at Barendrecht-Carnisselande.

* By entering into a lease these Terms and Conditions apply.

* Upon request, a copy of these Terms and Conditions can be provided free of charge to users.

* Tenants must have a permanent place of residence and must be at least 21 years of age or older.

* The owner D.C. Broeders is not liable for damage, loss or theft of property of the user. In disputes all (legal) costs are borne by the users.

* All risks related to staying at “het Weerhuis” will be borne by the users.

* Damage and missing of movable and immovable property of the owner should be reported immediately by the users and reimbursed to the owner.

* Guests must follow instructions from the caretaker.

* The caretaker will deny and/or reject guests, who will act in violation of these Terms and with inappropriate behavior, immediate access to “het Weerhuis”, without notice and without giving any reason and refund of expenses.

* The administration of the caretaker is leading in determinating mutual disagreement unless the user can prove the contrary.By all deviations that are not included in these conditions, the owner decides.

* Guests of “het Weerhuis” must adhere to the above conditions, terms and bylaws.


2. Reservation and confirmation;

* The lease can be entered: Orally, by telephone, in writing or by Email

* After receiving your reservation request Het Weerhuis wil send a confirmation (subject to availability) with quotation. As soon as the payment, in respect of your booking, is received, your reservation is confirmed. 

* On our bookingform on the website and on our confirmation of reservation all the Terms, Conditions and bylaws apply.


3. Payment:

* The subsistence for a stay at “het Weerhuis” must be prepaid at reservation for half of the amount due. Only after this deposit, your reservation is final.

* Upon arrival, the remaining amount must be paid in cash or must be transferred and booked in the bankaccount of “het Weerhuis” on the first morning of your stay.

* If you book soon before arrival, the owner and user will make adjusted payment conditions.

* The current rates can be found on our website http://hetweerhuis.nl/tarieven or  http://hetweerhuis.nl/rates


4. Cancellation:

* If unexpected, you are not able to meet your bookings commitments. You should report this as soon as possible to “het Weerhuis”.

* If you cancel your booking; the contractor pays a fee to the owner. This fee is determineted as follows:

  – in case of cancellation of a confirmed booking, 50% of the agreed price;

  – by withdrawal from the day before arrival, 100% of the agreed price.

* The amount must be transferred into:

the account number: 6135566;

IBAN: NL59INGB0006135566


t.n.v. D.C. Broeders (het Weerhuis) at Barendrecht.


5. Contact:

het Weerhuis

Weerkant 33

2993 DA Barendrecht


Telephone: +31 (0) 6 445 96 789

Email: info@hetweerhuis.nl

Website: http://www.hetweerhuis.nl

Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam: number  52387313


6. Arrival and departure

* Upon arrival, you must first log in by the caretaker.

* For identification will be asked to show your passport or Identity card.

* On the day of arrival: you can use the studio from 13:30 hours (always after consultation over the exact time).

* On the day of departure: Check out must be before 09:30.

* A key to the studio is available from the owner, the key deposit is € 20.

* The key deposit will be returned upon return of the key (on departure).

* Only after consultation, the time of arrival and/or departure can be waived.

* In case of early departure there will be no refund.



* Breakfast an be served if you make this known when booking.

* The cost for serving breakfast are shown on the website: http://hetweerhuis.nl/tarieven or  http://hetweerhuis.nl/rates
8. Your stay

* Noise, especially between 22:00 and 7:00 pm and all day Sunday, should be avoided. Radio and television should not cause nuisance to others.

* Use by third parties of “het Weerhuis” is not allowed.

* Visitors may not stay without permission of the caretaker and without payment to the property.


9. Safety and Environment

* Motorized vehicles should be parked across the street from “het Weerhuis”.

* Bicycles can be parked inside for the night, after consultation with the operator.

* The accommodation must be kept clean and tidy.

* Waste should be separated and should be thrown in the appropriates bin.

* The first aid kit is located by the owner.

* The studio is equipped with an automatic smoke alarm.

* The presence of suspected persons should be reported to the caretaker immediately.

* Pets are not allowed.

* Smoking is not allowed in the property, studio or porch.

* The studio can accommodate up to three people.

* The property is open 24 hours a day during a stay.


We wish you a pleasant, good and fun stay at “Het Weerhuis”.


By confirming your booking, you accept our Household Rules and Terms and Conditions.
verblijf regio Rotterdam reglement en voorwaarden
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