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Rotterdam is a port city. To be precise, Rotterdam is the largest port of Europe and one of the largest oil and chemical centers in the world. Around 180,000 people work within the port and industry. In addition, the construction of the 2nd Maasvlakte will further increase employment. The port of Rotterdam covers a large extended area over a length of 40 kilometers. The largest ships can be found in the deep harbor basins on the Maasvlakte and in Europoort. The ports in the Botlek are all warehouse ports with huge complexes for the petrochemical industry.

The city center was largely destroyed during the Second World War in May 1940. The reconstruction of the city is characterized by its innovative architecture. With the growth of the port, the population grew in number and multiculturalism. The city on the Maas river is in one word “amazing” and therefore awarded the best European city in 2015 by the International Academy of Urbanism from London. And Rotterdam was ranked number five in the top 10 of ’top cities in the world’ of the Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2016.

In addition, Rotterdam was chosen as the festival and event city of the year 3 times. With events as the World Harbor Days, the marathon of Rotterdam, the North Sea jazz festival, the summer carnival, the International Film Festival (IFFR) and so we can continue for a while.

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Rotterdam , my home town

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